Thursday, May 18, 2006

Microsoft finally enters the KM space with Knowledge Network

Bill Gates announced yesterday at Microsoft's annual CEO Summit, their first product targeted towards knowledge management, more precisely centered on expertise location called Knowledge Network, which will be a part of SharePoint 2007. There's a brief blurb about it here on a ZDnet page from the UK. I've already got it on good authority that there's an API developers will be able to tap into to extend the functionality of this tool (which predominately mines e-mails and contacts to help determine expertise in certain subject matter). Knowledge Network technology looks through workers' email and other data and then automatically generating working profiles of expertise. The software also takes a page from social networking sites in the way that workers get matched up with in-house experts. The software can see if the information seeker and expert have any worker friends in common who might be able to make an introduction. Workers can also choose whether they want to be open to being contacted directly.

Out of the box, I'm sure this tool will need a lot of work to truly help mine experience and expertise within a law firm, but it's good to see Microsoft enter the KM arena.

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Anonymous said...

Surelly it is "nice" to see how Microsoft struggels for the peace of cake.
Myself, I´m currently making my master in Knolwedge Management and what I managed to read seems more to me like Information Management Solution with a bit of "search and retrieval". Something in the manner of Information logistics. There is no talk about supporting mental models or ontologies in that manner. However, if we neglect all those facts, still, Microsoft has prooved , at least in the past, as not very reliable and truthfull regarding the user privacy. I´m afraid that still some informations may be "lost in translation" to Microsoft ...
Best regards!