Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Faceted Search Is Coming for SharePoint 2007

Many folks have asked about 'faceted' search, which simply put allows for easier filtering of results. While our full-text search of WorkSite content is still getting used almost 900 times per day, our lawyers have been asking for this feature, which is still in beta for us, but coming soon.

What you'll notice about this live screen shot (see items in RED) is that the search engine is still presenting results from our 3 million documents in WorkSite in tenths of seconds and the faceting is working as advertised. Much of the content was redacted out, but you can get the gist of how it works. This capability has been made possible with the help of XMLAW and is not standard, out of the box, functionality with SharePoint 2007.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is faceted search, how is it different from the normal live/google search or one provided in MOSS 2007?

One of our customer is also expecting faceted search in MOSS 2007. I am begginer to MOSS 2007, how do I provide faceted search in MOSS 2007, any sample/pointer on this? Any Ms internal material if not published yet?

Anonymous said...

Faceting is nothing more than filtering options generated to help further refine search results, at least that's my humble opinon.

Ontolica offers faceted searching for MOSS, but will take some configuration.