Friday, March 16, 2007

Sheppard Mullin SharePoint Case Study

Here's a link to the case study on Microsoft's site, which was just published today. If you'd like to download a cleaner version of this in Word, click here.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has a pint or two of green beer :)



Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I've read the article on Microsoft's website about you chaps putting in MOSS and very exciting it is to. I have one question for you:
You mentioned 'we could index our Interwoven document management system' Does this mean MOSS accessed the Interwoven index or MOSS builds its own index of Interwovens database?

Hope you can answer this one.
John McGinty

Anonymous said...

XMLAW's toolkits allow us to index Interwoven content via the MOSS Enterprise Search Engine. More info here,